Monteney Primary School

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Year 2


Welcome to our year group page. We are Y2 and we love learning. We have studied lots of exciting topics this year including the Great Fire of London, food banks and our current topic is ‘What makes a monster?’. 

Meet the Team.

Mrs Hides (Class teacher)

Mrs Townsend (Class teacher)

Mr Garnett (Class teacher)

Mrs Brown (Teaching Assistant)

Mr Lowson (Teaching Assistant)

Useful information

Our PE days are Tuesdays and Fridays for Y2HT and Mondays and Fridays for Y2TG. We have a special ‘shine’ assembly every Thursday. LWe encourage our learners to be independent, creative and provide opportunities to develop as a Monteney learner. We love singing, dancing, laughing and currently magic tricks too! 

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