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I am writing to remind all parents that holidays in term time are NOT permitted unless there are exceptional circumstances. Family holidays should always be taken during school holiday periods. There are 190 days in a school year which leaves 175 days to spend on family time. 

This year, we have had an increase in parents requesting holidays in term time. I would like to remind you that if you choose to take your child on holiday without school’s permission, we will request that the Local Authority issue you with a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN). This is regardless of your child’s attendance level.

May I also remind families that should your child have any other unauthorised absences (as well as the holiday), you will be monitored by our Trust Attendance Officer and are at risk of further prosecution for irregular school attendance.

If a Fixed Penalty Notice is issued, parents must pay £60 within 21 days, or £120 within 28 days. Failure to pay within 28 days will result in a summons to appear before the Magistrates Court, on the grounds that you have failed to secure your child’s regular attendance at school.

As a parent/carer, you have a legal responsibility to ensure that your child attends school regularly. Frequent absences can have a serious effect on both your child’s educational progress and their attitude to school. 

For any child with attendance below school target (96.2%) school will not authorise absences without medical evidence, such as: a stamped medical appointment card, a copy of a prescription or prescribed medication with your child’s name printed on it. If your child is below school target, it is important that you take the following steps to support an improvement in your child’s attendance:

  • Bring your child into school on time every day.
  • Ensure that you do not book any further holidays in term time. 
  • Book routine medical appointments after school or in the holidays. If this is not possible, please bring your child in prior to their appointment and ensure they return to school after.
  • Consider whether an absence from school is really necessary; are they too ill to attend? Often children ‘pick up’ as they start their day. School will always call if your child is unfit to be in school.
  • If you feel your child is too ill to come to school, you must provide evidence (where possible). This can be the medication, a stamped appointment card or a prescription.

Thank you for your continued support in our quest to improve attendance and the educational outcomes of all our children.  

Achieving Excellence – Sustaining Excellence – Sharing Excellence

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