Monteney Primary School

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Wider Curriculum

Our wider curriculum subject disciplines are delivered discretely with links being made where they promote understanding. History and Geography are taught in alternating terms to allow for real depth of learning in these subject areas. Similarly, Art and Design Technology is taught in alternating half terms. These four subject areas, with RE and Science, are planned in conjunction with subject leaders and classroom practitioners to provide our learners with engaging, challenging and progressive learning. Published schemes are used to support the delivery of PE, Music MFL, Computing and PSHE; these are adapted to provide additional opportunities to ensure our key curriculum drivers are promoted across the curriculum.

Underpinning each unit of work is a core body of knowledge that is revised and revisited in order to ensure that learning is committed to long-term memory. This knowledge empowers children: it gives them a sense of being knowledgeable, allows them to mediate social and cultural references, builds on their understanding of the world and provides valuable content for writing and reading across the curriculum. 

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development as well as modern British values are embedded into the curriculum and are consistently revisited and consolidated particularly through our Monteney Values.

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