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Year 2


Welcome to our year group page. We are Y2 and we love learning. We have lots of exciting topics to explore this year starting with “What can we learn from past disasters?” This theme covers disastrous events in history including, The Great Plague, The Great Fire of London, the Titanic and most recently The Sheffield Flood.

Meet the Team.

Miss Bates - Y2SB Class teacher

Mrs Craig - Y2BC Class teacher

Mrs Brown Teaching Assistant

Mrs Barnsley Teaching Assistant P/T

Mrs Hanks Teaching Assistant P/T

Useful information


Our PE days are Tuesdays and Fridays for Y2SB and Mondays and Fridays for Y2BC. We have a special ‘shine’ assembly every Thursday. We encourage our learners to be independent, creative and provide opportunities to develop as a Monteney learner. 

We love singing, dancing, sharing stories and laughing!

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