Monteney Primary School

Part of Steel City Schools Partnership


Vision, Values & Aims


At Monteney we believe that building pupil’s self-esteem, through strong relationships with children, is key to good behaviour, good learning attitudes and to success in life. 

With relationships at the heart of our community, we are committed to creating a safe learning environment that promotes good behaviour, self-discipline and respect and provides a calm and caring ethos, where learning is valued by pupils, staff and parents. We ensure we apply all rules fairly and positively and follow procedures consistently, rewarding positive behaviour and challenging unacceptable behaviour. We always strive to prevent bullying in our school.

Principles and Aims

Our behaviour policy is built upon five key principles:

  1. Consistent calm behaviours that show respect and kindness for all, including adults and children.
  2. Responsibility for your own behaviour choices 
  3. A focus on positive behaviour
  4. Clear routines and expectations that are consistently applied
  5. Restorative follow ups that enable children to grow and learn

Our behaviour policy is designed to:

  • Promote a positive climate and learning culture within school
  • Provide a safe school environment for all
  • Develop an understanding of how our behaviours can impact others
  • Define a framework for rewarding success and de-escalating negative behaviours 
  • Promote self-esteem, self-regulation and positive relationships with all staff members 
  • Involve parents in understanding our vision and enabling them to support their children at home .


The expectation of children and staff in our school is that they will follow the Monteney promise: