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Thank you for visiting Monteney Primary's website. I hope you can find all the information you need about our school and can see what a great place Monteney is for children to learn.
At Monteney, we aim to ensure that every child has the best possible education so that they have the knowledge, skills, qualities and values that they will need to reach their full potential in life. We are a place where every child is valued, every child is encouraged to give their very best, and every child has the chance to grow in confidence by participating in a wide range of inspirational learning experiences. High academic standards are promoted through school, whilst valuing creativity and imagination. We have high expectations of our learners, both academically and socially and we strive for everyone at Monteney to be a ‘Monteney Learner’: Learners, who accept challenge, are resilient, take risks and are enthusiastic and aspirational.

We believe that we can only achieve the best for our children by close collaboration between home and school and so we plan frequent opportunities for families to share in their child’s learning.

Our website aims to provide parents, carers and families at Monteney with up to date news and information as well as regular snapshots of our children's exciting learning experiences. We would welcome any positive feedback or suggestions and ideas to develop our website further. If you require a paper copy of any of the information on our website, please get in contact with our Business Support Manager, Lynzie Houston:

Thank you and best wishes,

Nicola Osborne, Headteacher