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Year 4

Welcome to our Year 4 page.


Meet the Team.


Y4NC Antelopes- Miss Collins

Y4MP Aardvarks- Mrs Murch (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) and Mrs Peace (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)


Both classes are supported by Mrs Lindley and have additional morning support from Mr Lowson.


Useful information:

In Year 4, children have weekly music lessons provided by the Sheffield Music Hub where they begin to learn the pbuzz before progressing onto learning the cornet.

Both classes will take part in a 12 week block of swimming lessons in the Spring and Summer terms.

Children in Year 4 are required to complete the statutory MTC test in June to assess their knowledge and recall of multiplication facts.

During the course of the year, there are opportunities for children to compete in sports competitions, including the Network Games.  

In the Summer term, children will explore our local environment in a geography field trip.


PE days: 

For Autumn 1 the PE days are:

Y4NC: Monday and Thursday

Y4MP: Thursday and Friday


For Autumn 2 the PE days are:

Y4NC: Monday and Friday

Y4MP: Wednesday and Friday


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